3 - 2 son clave

The clave is the backbone of latin music.The son clave is named for it's use in son music. Hear the clave in this salsa recorded by Jean Anfossi.

2 - 3 son clave


3 - 2 rumba clave

It differs from the son clave by only one note, which gives an entirely different feel. The son clave has a much stronger 4/4 feel while the rumba clave has retains a stronger 6/8 feel.

2 - 3 rumba clave

Afro-Cuban music often goes in and out of 3-2 and 2-3 claves.

6/8 clave

The original form of the clave, it can be played with a 3-2 or a 2-3 pattern. Hear the 2-3 clave in this afro shuffle recorded by Jean Anfossi.

6/8 clave played in 4/4 with triplets

You will soon be able to practice your clave here !

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