Welcome to my Latin rhythms pages.
These pages are a summary of my early interest in Latin percussion. I thought of sharing it with anyone interested to learn a little more about these wonderful rhythms.

Once you get to a page with staffs, click on any one to hear how it sounds. Most rhythms in these pages contain one bar of metronome and four to eight measures of the one or two bars patterns. The Crescendo control will loop those measures until you load another one or you stop it. Leave the small window open to load the next midi file faster.

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This site uses the Crescendo ActiveX control from Live Update.
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Download time is about 5 minutes at 28.8K.
Netscape users can get the Crescendo plug in at Live Update.

The song you hear was recorded by Jean Anfossi. Visit the the J5 Project page.
While the control is downloading, read on the origins of those rhythms in another window.

When you hear the music, you can click on one of the congas !
Clave patterns Bell patterns Stick patterns Conga patterns Drumset patterns

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