Note on General Midi and Sound Blaster compatible cards :
The patches found in the GM (General Midi) standard include a very limited set of conga sounds. What you'll get here is far from representing the full range of sounds available with the congas. Believe it or not, it's a lot worst on SoundBlaster or compatible sound cards. I hope some of the basic feel remains ?!?. I'll soon make available some wave files so you can hear more closely what those rhythms sound like. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Basic tumbao pattern

Hear the tumbao in this guajira recorded by Jean Anfossi.

Basic tumbao pattern with 3-2 son clave


Basic tumbao pattern with two congas

The basic tumbao pattern can be played at different speed for different music styles. Examples:
 = 100 for bolero
 = 120 for cha-cha-cha
     = 180 for son montuno
     = 200 with mambo or salsa

Basic 6/8 tumbao pattern


Tumbao "a caballo"


Samba pattern


Rumba guaguanco pattern

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