Basic palito pattern

The palito is a stick pattern for rumba, traditionally played on the gua-gua.

Basic palito patterns with 3-2 rumba clave

The palito is played with the right hand doing the rumba clave and the rest of the pattern with the left hand.

Palito patterns variation 1


Palito patterns variation 2


Palito patterns variation 3


Basic cascara pattern

Played in salsa during verses and softer sections, the basic cascara pattern is the same as the palito pattern but is played with one hand. Drummers can play this one on the side of the floor tom.

Basic cascara patterns with 3-2 son clave

Cascara patterns are traditionally played to the son clave.

Basic cascara patterns with 3-2 rumba clave


Basic cascara patterns with 2-3 rumba clave


Cascara pattern variation with 2-3 rumba clave

This syncopated variation is played in Cuba.

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